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Faversham Town Council


Eddie Thomas (Lib Dem)

Ben Jonathan Martin (Lib Dem)

Sam Blair (Lib Dem)

John Irwin (Lib Dem)

Awaiting Confirmation  


Claire Belsom (Ind)

Alison Reynolds (Lib Dem)


Anthony James Hook (Lib Dem)

Denise Jane Knights (Lib Dem)

Hannah Amanda Perkin (Lib Dem)

Chris Williams (Lib Dem)

St Anne’s

Kris Barker (Lib Dem)

Carole Jackson (Lab)

Trevor John Martin (Lib Dem)

Julian Saunders (Lab)

Swale Borough Council


Ben J Martin (Lib Dem)

Eddie Thomas (Lib Dem)

Priory Benjamin Allen Martin (Lib Dem)

Denise Jane Knights (Lib Dem)

Hannah Amanda Perkin (Lib Dem)

St Anne’s Carole Jackson (Lab)

Julian Saunders (Lab)

Boughton and Courtenay

Alastair Brian Gould (Green)

Tim Valentine (Green)


For the full results including vote count visit:



Note Watling Ward SBC councillors have been amended following a misprint and John Irwin has been added to FTC list, although we are awaiting confirmation as results are misprinted on website.

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  1. John Irwin is the fourth town councillor (Lib Dem) for Watling ward. Ben J Martin and Eddie Thomas are the Swale Borough representatives for Watling ward. Are you able to correct this posting please?

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